Created for women to celebrate the journey, romance the soul, fuel the visual senses, and connect with those who have journeyed before us. 
Joy Kuby



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Joy Kuby is a personal story preservationist and the owner of Joyful Images.  Her quest is to gather stories from women who have journeyed before her—spirited women who have experienced much of the twentieth century.  This book is a collection of stories she has gathered by connecting with and listening to women.  She resides in Wayzata, Minnesota, with her husband Keith and her dog Lindy.  

Joy says,

This book is the culmination of a dream that began over ten years ago.  It began as a soft whisper from my guardian angel to "write a tribute to women."  The desire grew over time, and I began interviewing women and simply listening to the stories that they had to tell of their personal journeys.  There were heart-tugging love stories, stories where destiny played a part in their lives, stories of lifelong friendships, and stories that show we all make a difference.

As a baby boomer, life before the 1950s was often a mystery to me.  I knew there were many incredible stories from my mother's and grandmother's generations that were soon to be lost forever.  They were like precious gifts that had been wrapped up with a bow and were not being shared.  I had a strong desire to write about their journeys through life—to show their passions, hopes, dreams, and fears—for in learning about their journeys we can better understand ourselves.

Even though we were years apart in age, a most special bond was created.  We laughed and cried as they opened up their hearts to me and shared their intimate stories.  I treasure all of these women.  I fell in love with each woman's story, and their stories became like my little children—something to cherish and protect.  The Fortunate Four & Other Journeys of the Heart is a compilation of these stories.  I am honored to now pass these stories along for you to enjoy.




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