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November, 2004
Host:  Jennifer St. Clair

This group of busy young mothers meets every other month at an interesting restaurant in the area to enjoy their friendship over dinner and discuss their  book selection.  This month's restaurant choice was at a quaint little restaurant in downtown Wayzata called Chez Foley.

What a fun evening of sharing stories!  I was fortunate to be asked to join these spirited women for dinner and for a discussion about the women in "The Fortunate Four" who had shared their life stories.  (I'm still waiting for their official book club name.  The group is working on something really creative.)

Comments from a few:
What an exquisite piece you have written.  I feel like one of the "fortunate four" to have met you and to be able to share you with my book club pals.  Your stories make us all feel like we need to store all our special moments so that one day we, too, can share them.  Thank you for exposing us to these wonderful lives.     Jennifer S.

It was so fun to lose myself in the stories of these extraordinary women.  I can only hope to have such an interesting life to look back upon when I am 90!  Thank you.     Jami W.

Thanks you for coming to share the stories with us.  What wonderful and interesting people and lives!  This book has inspired me to write down my parents' stories.  Best of luck on your next book.     Tracy R.

[Update:  Unfortunately, Chez Foley closed in the summer of 2005; however, this book club continues.]

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