Created for women to celebrate the journey, romance the soul, fuel the visual senses, and connect with those who have journeyed before us. 
Joy Kuby



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I absolutely loved your book!  I was shocked to read of someone I knew—Chris Matteson from where she teaches painting.  I always knew she was interesting and colorful, but I had no idea of her past.  How fun!  I'm telling everyone about your book.

Barb Kallstrom
Retired from Bloomington Community Education, Bloomington, MN


There is a tug and a pull for me to sit down and do a straight-read of your book.  But there's  a feeling, too, of noslow down, savor each story and the essence of the women.  I've looked through the pages of The Fortunate Four & Other Journeys of the Heart and already feel that I don't want the book to end.

Camille Crandall
National League of American Pen Women, Minnesota Chapter Program Chair


"I finished reading your book, The Fortunate Four.  Thank you for the many delightful hours of pleasurable reading it provided.  You were able to capture the many joyous as well as sad times of your characters as they traveled life's journey.  I wish I had known some of them.  I will certainly recommend The Fortunate Four to my friends."

Joy Peters, Hopkins, Minnesota


"What a wonderful read—it was hard to put the book down—as I wanted to capture more heartwarming stories from the enlightening Fortunate Four.  These women lived their passion as they journeyed together.  I suddenly felt a part of their journey.  As I read of their growth, my own heart and soul evolved."

Kian Dwyer
Author, Living Your Chosen Eulogy:  Choosing to Live Your Most Honorable Self


"Fantastic!  Heartwarming, joyful, adventurous, and honest.  Congratulations on a wonderful book.  What a work from the heart.  You have written a true treasure."

Janice Alexander, Bloomfield, CT


You wrote a great book!  I gave it to my mother and she just loved it!

Virginia Lord
Realtor, Burnet Reality and daughter of former Judge Miles Lord

"What a fascinating collection of memories that touched my own memories and filled me with warmth and poignancy.  These stories are for every woman, reminding us of the unique majesty in our own lives.  Thank you, Joy."

Nancy Schubert, Mound, Minnesota


"Thanks so much for writing The Fortunate Four.  It was wonderful to see that view of my mom.  I think I picked up a little more insight into understanding her and perhaps even a little into understanding myself."

Bill Bridgman, Northfield, Illinois
(Son of Betty Bridgman of The Fortunate Four)


"What delightful stories!  I thoroughly enjoyed this journey with The Fortunate Four and all the other spirited women.  Thank you for this privilege."

Barb Foley, Minnetonka, Minnesota


The Fortunate Four is told so well.  It has been enjoyed by many of our family and friends.  Thank you for this book.  It gives us a view of that special time years ago in our mother's life and the lives of her friends.  It also shows us their wonderful friendship for each other.  This book will be a nice part of our family library.

Katherine Bridgman Ellgen, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
(Daughter of Betty Bridgman of The Fortunate Four)




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