Created for women to celebrate the journey, romance the soul, fuel the visual senses, and connect with those who have journeyed before us. 
Joy Kuby



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 You are about to go along on an incredible journey as these women experienced the journey of a lifetime.  They felt the waves rolling over their unclad bodies as they went skinny dipping in Lake Erie, they heard the thundering roar of Niagara Falls and felt its mist and spray against their faces, and they felt the rush of adventure as they climbed Mount Washington by moonlight.


Some people have a tremendous impact on our lives. Do we meet them by chance, or are they brought along our path when we are ready to learn from them or to appreciate the joy of their spirit? You will have a difficult time convincing each of the following women that they were anything other than destined to meet their partner—the love of their life. Their destinies seemed fated to intersect.


They may not have been famous, but these women were willing to tell their stories about their own personal journeys. They are a beautiful blend of stories that will touch your heart about everyday life during a simpler time, fulfilled and unfulfilled dreams, and their journeys through life. They range from one woman's desire to become an aeronautical engineer and how the war affected this dream, to another woman who suffered the largest loss of her life when she was not yet four, and a third woman and her husband who joyfully wove music into their entire journey together.


Every photograph captures a specific moment along the journey of life. The participants of the photograph are like actors in a movie—suspended in time. We long to know the story behind the photograph. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to hear their story. The heirloom photographs in this chapter touched my heart for their grace and beauty. The photograph came first . . . my search for its story followed.

v. Love Letters—Sweeter Than Chocolate

Love letters have always been a beautiful expression of love and have held such magic and mystery over the generations. Perhaps the mystery lies in the fact that they are usually read by the recipient and then lovingly tucked away in a secret box. They are gifts to be savored over time. Love letters may be just a few simple words or many pages. You will meet Chloe who wrote a beautifully descriptive letter to her husband about her special memories as a young wife. Donna shared over 25 love letters that had been hidden away for 50 years.  Her tender letters tell the love story of Emil and Donna.

VI. Love and Laughter

Mack McGinnis, an English novelist wrote, "After God created the world, He made man and woman. Then to keep the whole thing from collapsing, He invented humor." Every family has stories that have been passed down through the generations. They were just too crazy to be forgotten. For example, Inez was an artist and very free spirit that lived from 1889 to 1984. Her family has had many laughs over the story of how her desire to clean the house in the nude got her into a bit of trouble one day.

VII. Dreams in a Bottle and Other Buried Treasures

Sometimes we bury our dreams in our hearts. We also have all had special treasures and belongings that appear to be lost. At times these buried treasures are discovered while others remain hidden forever. In this section, one story you will read about is of four young women in 1924 that physically buried their dreams in a jar along the Lake Street Bridge in Minneapolis with plans to return five years later to see if their dreams had come true. It's a story about buried hopes and dreams. It's also a story about an undying friendship between women who are just preparing to go out into the large world before them.



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