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Do you by chance know the identity of the couple
 in this sweet wedding photograph?

It is also featured in Chapter 4 of The Fortunate Four
The Mystery of a Photograph."


As told in the chapter, this elegant wedding picture was discovered in a box of old photographs at an estate sale.  To not remain nameless, they have been known for years as Emma and Charles. 

It's intriguing to ponder on their real names and the truth about their journey together.  Did happiness or tragedy lie ahead?

We would like to hear from you if you can solve the mystery as to the true identity of this couple. (One clue is that the  photograph was taken at the S. H. Neperud Studio in Blair, Wisconsin.)

Everyone needs a good love story and the truth may never be discovered. We are also  looking for a creative fictional love story written about the imaginary lives of "Emma and Charles."  Let your imagination and dreams go wild.  Please send your story directly in email (not an attachment) or by mail to the address listed below.  (Include your name and state.)

Selected stories will be posted on the web, and the winning story will appear in the next book.

Send your story via email to
Send your story by U.S. mail to:

Joy Kuby
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