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Excerpts From Some OF THE Stories in 

The Fortunate Four & oTHER jOURNEYS OF THE HEART

We had a skinny dip in Lake Erie this morning about 9 a.m.  Climbed down a cliff, discarded our clothes, and being in a sufficiently isolated spot submitted our unclad bodies to the tossing and tumbling waves of this "Great Lake."  We let the waves roll over us and wash us roughly over stones to shore.  What glorious freedom!  Climbed the cliff again and discovered some delicious wild strawberries.

Annette Scherer Robbins  (The Fortunate Four—In the Summer of 1935)


After the wedding, we stopped at a little restaurant and had sardines and crackers.  This was on Tuesday, November 23, 1926, and then I wasn't able to see my husband again until Thanksgiving.  You see, our marriage had to be kept a secret!

Winifred Miller (Caught Between Two Worlds)


In reliving my life,  I realize it has really been pretty much the way I had wished it to be.  First, I wanted to fall in love with a nice Jewish fellow.  You see, I always had quite a clear picture of the way I would like to live my life.  I can honestly say my dreams have pretty much come true.

Jeanette Scherling (Let's Have a Picnic)


I remember your wearing green gabardine pants and white shoes and how you sat on the chair backwards holding your pipe in your hand.  I still remember how wonderful you looked the first time I saw you without a shirt with your suspenders over your naked skin.  You were wonderful and sweet, and I loved your very much.  (Portion of a letter to her husband.)

Cloe Hulbert (My Bud, You Would Have Just Loved Him.)


It turned out that I did meet someone special--through a strange twist of fate and, I believe . . . a little help from our guardian angels.  The year was 1925, and I was beginning my freshman year of college. . . . Since there was no money to purchase flowers for my wedding, we went out in the fields and picked daisies and wild asparagus to decorate the church.  We created beauty with what we could borrow from nature.

Dorathy Lysne (Bouquets of Daisies and Wild Asparagus Fern)




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