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February, 2005
Host:  Joan Spilde

To my surprise, I discovered I had two connections with this talented group of women.  Karen had been a classmate of mine at college, and Joan and I had been on the same teaching faculty for many years.  It truly is a small world.

After our book discussion, we enjoyed several yummy desserts including old family recipes from Great Aunt Mary's oatmeal cookies and a grandmother's molasses cookies.  Joan willingly shared the recipes, along with a pictorial tour through her own family album.

Why the Flamingos?   Karen enlightened me on how both the book club and name had originated.  She said, "The Flamingo Book Club began as a women's choir group who went to the Ukraine in 2002.  We ended up with bright pink jackets for our "look" and one of the women having just been to Florida, said we reminded her of Flamingos.  Thus, our choir became "The Flamingos."  After our mission trip ended, we couldn't bear the thought of splitting up.  We had become such good fiends and we loved to read, so a book club seemed the perfect thing to do.  Here we are three years later, going strong, enjoying our book discussions, friendships, and occasional retreat weekends away."

Other comments:

Thanks Joy for the nuggets of history.  Being the "oldest" Flamingo, this brought back many family memories.  I think I'll head for Xanadu and start searching for that diamond this summer!  Jan C.

What a delightful collection of memories!  I am particularly fascinated by the providential meetings and eventual friendships of these couples.  Joan S.

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