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Forest Lake, MN
September, 2005
Host:  Jill Moen

Education is what originally brought this group of women together.  Three teachers decided to form a bookclub.  Their aim was diversity—they wanted to invite women from all different professions to create conversations with many different perspectives.

These delightful women opened up their hearts to me as we met in Jill's beautiful home overlooking Forest Lake on this cool September day.  Together we discussed the spirited women who shared their stories in The Fortunate Four.   This led to a wonderful conversation around the dinner table of discovering spirited women who had influenced these women in their own livesmothers, mother-in-laws, grandmothers.   How could we forget the 1940s photograph of Jill's strong, independent grandmother and her sisters as they posed by their golf clubs.  It was truly a treasured photograph and captured the spirit of these women who had played an important role in Jill's life.  Once again we were reminded of how each generation is connected to the previous one like threads in a tapestry.

Thank you for the evening we shared together and for "keeping the stories alive."  Here are some of their comments.

I laughed—I cried—I enjoyed.  I shared many stories with my 90-year-old mother-in-law.  She is going to read the book next.  It made me miss my mom.  Thank you for sharing!  Sally B.

I enjoyed all of the stories in your book.  I couldn't put the book down and read it in one day, as I was inspired by the women in your book.  One of my favorite stories was 'The Bride and Groom Show.'  Donna and Emil's love story touched my heart.  When I read Emil's love letters to Donna near the end of the book, it confirmed my thoughts that their love story is one that could be a fairy tale.  Jill M.

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