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April 2008
Jacque Noy

Meet the GNOME book club—which stands for "Girls Night Out, Men Excluded."

Jacque and I had an interesting conversation when she stopped by my booth over a year ago at the Deep Valley Book Festival in Mankato.  It was fun to reconnect at the Wine Cafe in downtown Mankato and meet the special women in her life--the GNOMES.  We had our own cozy spot reserved in the back room.  We began the evening with a spread of great appetizers and  wine provided by the hostess and co-hostess. Our discussion began with the stories told by the women in "The Fortunate Four " and led to a sharing of stories in our own lives.  As I left for my return trip back to the cities, a blues band was filling the cafe with music.  (I imagine the GNOMES closed the place down.)

This book club started with a group of mothers who loved to read and began discussing books while they were at ECFE, playing at the park, or picking up their kids from daycare.  They said, "We were all so busy raising our families and working at various careers, but we were determined to start a book club.  At the annual Easter Egg hunt in Amboy, we decided on our first book, 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.'  We met at our local restaurant, The Amboy Cottage Cafe, in May of 2005.  At that time, we decided to meet every other month at one of our homes.  The hostess would choose the book.  So far we have read 16 books and look forward to many more years of happy reading."

Here are some of the other comments from the GNOMES:

I truly enjoyed being "taken back" to the era in which these stories took place.  What insight this book gave to a time in which we can only imagine.   Brenda S.

These stories made me stop and think about God's plan for our lives.  Jacque N.

Thanks for collecting and preserving the stories of these women.  It is such an interesting journey to read about the historical aspects of our area.  Jennifer B.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading all these stories. They reminded me of my parents--since the timeframe is around the same.  Things seem so simple and nothing is taken for granted.  We need to read more stories like these and talk with parents and grandparents.  They can shape their insight and understanding with us.  They are a valuable resource.  Sandra S.

Thank you for taking me on your journey!  I count my blessings realizing how easy our life is today.   Looking forward to your next book.  Gayle J.

Each of these stories reminded me of my two great-grandmothers that I was blessed to have until I was 24-years-old.  That era was full of so many amazing women!  Thank you for sharing their stories.  Leah D.

Thank you for the joining us at our book club.  What a "joy."  I thoroughly enjoyed these stories.  Thanks for the journey!  Jacki

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