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Minneapolis, MN
April, 2007
Jewel Johnson

It was spring at Jewel's house with bouquets of tulips and and a colorful table set with an array of delicious salads, cheeses, wine, and chocolate.  Of course, chocolate . . . chocolate candy and chocolate bundt cake.  When women gather, chocolate just needs to be a part of the celebration.

Part of the group of this recently formed book club could not make it on this particular evening, but the rest of the group jumped right into the conversation and made up for it.  We had a wonderful evening discussing the lives of the women in The Fortunate Four & Other Journeys of the Heart and feeling a bit envious of the simplicity in their lives.

At the end of a very fun evening, they sent me off with a gorgeous bouquet of red and yellow tulips . . . plus a few slices of chocolate bundt cake to share with my husband.

Enjoy some of their comments:

What a pleasure to meet you and hear about this writing adventure.  The Fortunate Four & Other Journeys of the Heart is such a wonderful, delightful, and lovely book.  I enjoyed it so much.  So many good stories  but "Bouquets of Daisies and Wild Asparagus Fern" was my favorite.  I look forward to the next bookyou go for it.  Congratulations on this fine accomplishment. Patrice P.

It was so great that you attended our book club.  I enjoyed hearing about your process of writing your book and how you found your stories.  I loved all the stories . . . so hard to say which I liked the best.  Perhaps it was the 'Fortunate Four.'  I treasure their simplistic lifebut yet profound and deep friendshipand their desire for adventure.  Thank you for writing their stories.
Jewel J.

I loved our conversationso inspirational.  There were so many stories that I enjoyed; however, the love stories and love letters were transformational.  I am eager to see where your creativity leads you and your next book. Beth F.

Thanks you for attending our book club. It was so nice to hear the history of how your book developed.  The stories in the book were so enjoyable.  Oh, the simplicity of life during those times.  My favorite story was "The Journey From Hollywood."  Chris was so inspirationalso many accomplishments.  Good luck with your next book.  Charlene R.

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