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"Jolly Ole' Yackers"

Forest Lake, MN
April 2006
Host:  Donna Neudauer

Donna welcomed me into her beautiful home on Forest Lake.  The large windows overlooking the lake beckoned me to take a lingering look at the sparkling blue water of the lake.  We were fortunate to all arrive before the skies opened up with an early spring rain and hail shower followed by a lightening show.

Over an artistic array of appetizers and beverages, we gathered in a circle to discuss the women featured in The Fortunate Four and how their journeys had impacted our own.  Donna P. (two terrific Donnas in the group) described how their book club began. 

"JOY" was started in August of 2002 at a guest golf day luncheon at Forest Hills in Forest Lake.  Four friends decided they like to read so much that they should start a book club.  They decided to each invite a friend and start the club.

Other Comments:
I was reminded of my relationship with my husband and his love poems by the stories and love relationships in the book.  We get so busy in our lives that we don't always take time for the important things.  I loved the photographs, reminding me of my parents and grandparents and how I treasure those.  Also loved your wedding picture.  Thanks you!
Karen M.

My favorite story was "Let's Have a Picnic."  My parents and my husband's parents knew each other when they were young—even before they were married.  It was as though my husband Lynn and I were destined to be together.  Leslie B.

A great read!  It helped me realize we all have stories to tell. Plus, stories from our parents and grandparents are so meaningful. Thank you for coming to our book club.  Donna N.

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