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Ten Easy Steps to Writing Your Life Story

 We live in an era that despite all our technology is perhaps the least documented.  Letters have been replaced by quick email notes, and who is archiving email?  Our lives have become too fast-paced to take time for family storytelling.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to take a book off the shelf and read some words of advice from your great-grandmother or to have a little understanding into her personality?  What do you really know about her?  Do you even know her name?  We can’t do anything about the past, but we can make this a reality for future generations.  You can create an instant autobiography by writing down your responses to the following ten questions.  Where you expand it from there is up to you.  You may be thinking your life isn’t important enough to record.  Well, what part of your great-grandmother’s life wouldn’t you want to know about?

The words you write now may touch future generations.  These words will tell them who you were, how you loved, and how you lived.  It will perhaps give them a greater understanding into themselves.  Give them this gift—keep your story alive. 

  1. When you looked out your window as a young girl, what did you see?
  2. What are some smells that trigger warm memories?
  3. What were your dreams as a young woman?
  4. Which dreams were fulfilled and which ones were not?
  5. Describe one of the saddest days in your life.
  6. Describe one of the most joyful days.
  7. What is your love story?
  8. How did you learn your most important lesson in life?
  1. What has been your favorite age and why?
  2. If you could give one piece of advice from the life you have lived, what would it be?

If you have sisters, print this page and also share it with them.  Even though you have journeyed together, you will probably discover you each have your own very unique memories and stories to tell.



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