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Plymouth, MN
May, 2006
Jayne Morrison

I was honored to participate in the discussion with this delightful group of women.  Two women were new members of the church, just having joined Messiah Methodist that morning.  They were joyfully welcomed into the book club.  Meeting in their church, I learned that this book club was started about three years ago by Jayne and another member.  They had discussed a wide array of books, but this was their first visit by the author. 

After passing around the assortment of home baked cookies and cups of Jayne's famous coffee punch, we started talking about the spirited women who had shared their stories with me, the divine inspiration behind the book, and the path that led me to each of these women.  It was an interesting coincidence to learn that Betty (first woman in front row) knew Annette (on book cover) and her husband Orem.

I thank you for the fun evening that we shared together and for "keeping the stories alive."  Here are some of the comments.

What an inspiration you are to devote your time in sharing women's stories.  Thank you for listening and following "the Voice."  Joan S.

I read your book while I was on a two-week vacation in Europe.  I truly enjoyed reading "The Fortunate Four" because I was traveling with a friend, also.  It was the perfect book to read each evening and on the plane.  Nancy A.

What a great idea to capture these stories.  They were all strong, interesting women with wonderful stories. Joyce S.

Thank you for this lovely tribute to women and for getting these stories in print.  I am interested in getting my ancestors' stories written.  You have inspired me to keep going!  Ann G.

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