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Plymouth, MN
October, 2006
Host:  Sharon Goodrie

What a fun and spirited group of women!  It was a great way to spend a fall Tuesday evening in the beautiful home of our host, Sharon.  This book club was actually the merger of two former book clubs.  Up to this point, they had not had an official name for their book club.  Several possibilities were tossed out as they brainstormed together:  The Talkers, A Gathering of Friends, Odds and Ends (not the Left Overs), to name a few.  They decided they would be the No Name Book Club.  Just like No Name Steaks, they are well seasoned and mighty fine.

Our discussion of the spirited women featured in The Fortunate Four & Other Journeys of the Heart was sprinkled with the sharing by everyone from their own treasured family storiesthe  wedding ceremony delayed by over 40 years, the mystery of Grandma May who disappeared in 1928 leaving her young family behind, and so many more priceless true stories.  There was also some fun connections with a couple of the ladies knowing Betty Bridgman and Annette Scherer Robbins of "The Fortunate Four in the Summer of 1935" story.  It truly is a small world.

We ended the evening with a wonderful apple crisp dessert and coffee while the conversations continued to flow.  I thank you for the very fun evening that we shared together and for sharing your own family stories.  These stories were touching, humorous, and also another reminder of how we all come with our own unique family historywhich helped form who we are today.

A couple of comments were:

The stories in the book bring memories for me of stories in my own family and places I have visited.  I totally enjoyed your book, and I need to start telling my stories to my children.  Thank you for what you do. Sue B.

Thanks for gathering these stories of the ordinary lives in our past.  It leads us to an affirmation of our present time and also encourages us to know more of our own past.  Marcia H.

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